About Z&Z Software Solutions

Z&Z Software Solutions was founded in 2017 and started as an IT design company. We created websites and other graphic material for our customers. Over the years, the company has developed to also develop more advanced websites and mobile applications.

We are now entering the next phase where system development and AI will be another new focus area for us and our customers. We will offer efficient and smart solutions from experienced developers.

Our developers have at least 8 years of experience in their field and stay constantly updated with the latest technology. A long experience is invaluable when developing advanced solutions.

Contact us when you need a full-time developer, part-time developer, project position, design, project management or help with marketing. We offer favorable prices for services of the highest quality.

Our Goals

Our goal is clear. We will develop and deliver advanced solutions of high quality and at reasonable prices.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be a company with Senior developers who always deliver the latest technical solutions to our customers at reasonable costs. We must always have developers in the areas that are in demand and we must always be able to see the customer's needs and help our customers achieve their goals.

  • Mission

    Our assigned assignments must always be performed carefully and thoroughly. We must be able to anticipate all scenarios in order to deliver long-term and sustainable solutions to our customers.

  • Target

    Your goals are our goals. It is important to us that we have the same goals and have a full understanding of what you want to achieve. Our level of ambition is top notch and we are always self-critical in everything we do and deliver.

  • Responsibility

    It is our duty to discuss the best solutions for our customers. We always familiarize ourselves with the customer's situation and see how we can best deliver a solution that is best for our customers. We are always available for continued support.

    Why Choose us

    When experience and quality of work are the most important, then we are the right company to hire.

    • Quality

      We never compromise on the quality of our work. In order to build stable and functional solutions that last in the long run, it is necessary that we code nicely and correctly.

    • Experience

      Every developer who works with us has at least 8 years of experience in development. This means that we have encountered more situations than others and found more solutions than others. We take this experience with us to our customers.

    • Low prices

      Our prices are low and competitive. We charge about half to a third of Swedish market prices, but for exactly the same quality if not better than you get from Swedish developers.

    • Flexibility

      No two companies are the same as our assignments, so it is important that we are always flexible with our solutions and how we work with our customers. This applies to working methods, times, reporting and support. Tell us how you want it and we will adapt.

    • Support

      When we have completed a job, you do not have to worry. We are available to support you further afterwards as well. Talk to us about our various support solutions.

    • Honesty

      Honesty is important to us and therefore we are always 100% transparent with our customers in all respects. We always deliver accurate reports about our work and we never come up with any extra surprises during the project.

    • Communication

      Communication is an important keyword for us, both internally and with customers. Clear and good communication creates the right conditions to avoid misunderstandings and problems. Let's discuss success.

    • With you or at a distance

      We are happy to work with you, either we come to you or we work remotely. Either we work during projects, or at a specific time. No matter what, we are always here for you.

      Our team

      We are pleased to present our work team that is always at the service of our customers.

      • Jan Edward Hernandez

        CEO / Founder

      • Hein Htet

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Android - Myanmar)

      • Nikko Maravilla

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Android - Philippines)

      • Fedorr Erofev

        Mid. Software Engineer
        (Android - Thailand)

      • Nemy Tolentino-Manzo

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Front-end - Philippines)

      • Hanah Salazar

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Front-end - Philippines)

      • Ton Sanitprem (TON)

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Front-end - Thailand)

      • Zin Kyaw Kyaw (AJ)

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Backend - Myanmar)

      • Myat Min S

        Sr. Software Engineer
        (Backend - Thailand)

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        Digital Marketing